Retrofit and Installations

A retrofit is a replacement solution for outdated air flow systems.

 Zorzitec offers in-suite retrofits of fan coils, heat pumps, and PTAC units.

Zorzitec Fan Coil Service is proud to provide replacement solutions with the trusted industry leading fan coil retrofit designed and manufactured by Aurum Manufacturing Inc. 

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Understanding The Risks of Outdated Equipment

Rusty equipment posseses two threats to you and your home. 

  • A rusty drain pan can lead to rust chips clogging drainage resulting in water leakage into your home
  • Rust chips that become airborne can pose health threats such as prolonged coughing and lung irritation

Condensation is present during the cooling season that leads to the accumulation of mold on the surrounding insulation. This mold creates another two issues.

  • Airborne mold can cause allergen irritations and in time can lead to respiratory problems
  • Airborne mold can also diminish system operations by clogging the coil decreasing amount of air flow

Outdated equipment draws in more energy than is exerted causing it to be less efficient than it once was.

Benefits of a Retrofit

  • Increases the outflow of air in your home
  • Increasing energy efficiency in fan coil operations
  • Coming equipped with features that increase chance of detecting floods from overflows in drain pan
  • Enhancing and creating optimal comfort in your home
  • Reducing operation noise
  • Lowering fan coil energy consumption


The installation process is simple. The retrofit is produced as a slide in chassis, meaning no mess, no wall damage, and an easy clean up.

The safe removal of the old hardware components and insulation.

The shut off valves are soldered onto the branch pieces coming from the building’s risers

The cabinet is re-insulated with new insulation

The new retrofit chassis is slid in and mounted

water lines are then attached from the chassis to the shut off valves, and the wiring components are connected

The work space is cleaned and left in its previous condition,

Homeowner is informed of the new fan coil operations

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